Athletic meeting at Tachikawa velodrome  




Tachikawa velodrome is nice!! the road is very beautiful.


I took part in event of “TACHIKAWA DE UNDOUKAI “today!!


trial ride on the track.


Demo Cycling race

All of  professional cyclists was very fast. fantastic!!


Parking in room of cycle inspection

my bike on the  ceiling. that’s interesting!!


bicycle‐race ticket

This is a real ticket. (Not demo race)

I won!!



Thank you for everything!!

I had a great time at Tachikawa velodrome today.


today’s my ride movie on Relive


Wakasu seaside park RIDE


Today’s Ride

Wakasu seaside park

The cycling raod at Wakasu seaside park in Shinkiba, is a nice place to see a Tokyo bay. especially, Tokyo Gate Bridge. There is 6 kilometer long course with few ups and downs.


MilePost Bike and Cafe

This is a beer cafe with Indian styled food above a bike shop near Sumida River.


Gundam in Odaiba




This is a movie of my ride from Yuraku-cho Station to MilePost Bike and Cafe via Wakasu seaside park