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Monchicchi Ride







you can get this card  at “tourist information center” in front of Shibamata Station.


There are some manhole around Shinkoiwa station.




【Dam Card】 Lake Saiko, 20th Anniversary Card


Have you heard “Dam Card”?

This is a dam card of “Lake Saiko”


I got this card when I visited Lake saiko.

you can get this as free.


What’s the Dam Card?

“The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure” and “Japan Water Agency” created a “dam card” in 2007 to distribute it to those who visited the dam in order to know more about the dam.


“Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport”

“Japan Water Agency”

for more information  to get dam card of lake saiko


There is a 20th anniversary card this year.

You can get anniversary card,too at same time this year!!