Rear derailleur hanger


I felt something strange about rear derailleur.

because, sometime suddenly changed gear when I did not excepted.

So that,  I went to a Giant store to check about it.


I thought, a wire or  a chain should be extened. becaue I ride more than 2000km already.



After checking my bike, a staff told me a rear derailleur hanger was broken. a little bit bend. then asked me that did I fall down to right side before?  Or  something hit when I carrin in ( Rinkou)?

Yes, I remember that I felt down right side twice a few month ago. (Tachigoke!!)

A rear derailleur hanger is a very sensitive part. because it protect flame.




This is the rear derailleur hanger. it was broken.

There is a hanger between rear derailleur and flame.


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